Sunday Scripture

Luke 6:17-26

Sunday Scripture


True happiness is found in Jesus.


Bubbles for blowing; few dollars in cash; bag of chips; video game controller


Luke 6:17-26

I am sure that everyone has experienced the joy of blowing bubbles. (Blow bubbles at the kids.) Isn’t it funny how something so simple can make so many people happy? It isn't just for kids either! I have even seen teenagers and adults laughing and having fun blowing bubbles and trying to catch them.

There is just one problem with the happiness that comes from blowing bubbles -- it doesn't last! The minute you reach out and touch one of the bubbles, it will burst. (Blow bubbles and have kids try to touch them.) Many times we chase the bubble, but it is always just out of reach and as soon as it touches the ground, the bubble is gone.

Isn’t this true for so many people today? A lot of people are chasing after happiness, but like the bubbles, happiness is always just out of reach. Or, just when we think we have it, our bubble may burst. What are some of the things that people believe will make them happy but may fall flat? (Pause for responses.)

Money: (Hold up money.) Many people think that money will bring them happiness, but it doesn't. Once you spend it, it is gone, and you still don't have happiness.

Food: (Hold up the food.) Some people seek happiness in food. They eat because they are sad or depressed and they think that food will make them feel better. It doesn't. After they eat, they are still unhappy.

Entertainment: (Hold up video game controller.) Many people think that doing fun things is the same thing as being happy, but it isn't. Oftentimes, people who are laughing on the outside are crying on the inside.

Popularity: Some people think that being popular with other people will bring them happiness. They will do anything or say anything to make other people like them, but popularity doesn't last. It is here today and gone tomorrow. There is no lasting happiness in popularity.

Jesus knew that people often look for happiness in the wrong places. He even said we might be happier if we were poor, hungry, crying, and disliked by others. Why would Jesus suggest such a thing?

When we are poor, we can trust in God to supply everything we need instead of depending on our own wealth.

When we are hungry for God and His righteousness, we realize that only He can satisfy our hunger.

When we are crying, we can trust in God to comfort us and ease our pain.

When we think we have no friends, we have a friend in Jesus. Jesus is the friend who will never leave us.

We all want to be happy, don’t we? Don't spend your time chasing bubbles. Look to your Heavenly Father. He is the source of true happiness.

Dear Father, help us to remember that we can never find happiness by seeking the things this world has to offer. True happiness can only be ours by following Jesus. Amen.


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