Adult Faith Formation


Adult Faith Formation

The study of the Christian Faith as practiced in the Anglican Tradition is the central focus of our Adult Faith Formation Classes. On Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings (depending on the specific program), we gather to study the Anglican Way of being Christian, to experience Christian fellowship, and to explore paths of Christian life and ministry.

When we meet, we do more than learn about the intellectual aspects of the faith. Our study is geared toward equipping us to live the Christian life grounded in the history and tradition of the church founded in the British Isles. We believe that a strong knowledge and understanding of the faith can inform our thoughts, challenge our attitudes, and inspire us to action!

Whether you are a seeker or new in the Anglican Tradition or a lifelong Anglican, these classes will help you to grow as a Christian in the Anglican Way. Saint Stephen Anglican Church is a community built on the life and ministry of Jesus. Please join us in our next series of classes.

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