Ministry Leaders


Ministry Leaders

Music Ministry: Father Rickey & Brenda Brown

Music and song play a vital role in the life of God’s people and their worship. Although music evokes deep and powerful emotions, even more important is the way worship shapes our affections, values, perceptions, and beliefs. Father Rickey and Brenda Brown bring a richness to our worship through their talent and their devotion to excellence in our music ministry.


Office Manager & Bookkeeper: Vicki Luckett

Of primary importance in the day to day administration of our church is good bookkeeping and organization. Vicki Luckett makes sure that we are good stewards of our assets by diligently accounting for every dollar and by promptness in addressing our liabilities and paying our bills.


Altar Guild Ministry: Brenda Brown / Rhonda Shoemaker

The ministry of our Altar Guild under the guidance of Brenda Brown is to care for the altar, vestments, vessels, and altar linens of the parish. The Altar Guild prepares the sanctuary for services, and cleans up afterwards. Altar Guild members frequently decorate the sanctuary with flowers.


Outreach Ministry (OSP): Joyce Curry

Operation Support Peace was born in early in 2003 as a joint idea of Joyce Curry and Command Sergeant Major Ron Curry, who led a U.S. Army battalion during the invasion into Iraq. Supported by Saint Edward Catholic School and other community partners – and later by Saint Stephen Church, OSP provided support for our Armed Forces members and their families. Now an official 501C3 tax-exempt organization, Operation Support Peace continues to be our best outreach to our Armed Forces. Executive Director Joyce Curry has received numerous awards for her work in this area.


FCHUM Board of Directors: Joyce Curry / John Lyons

Creatively stretching available contributions to gain the greatest value for the benefit of program participants, the Fern Creek Highview United Ministries team is driven by a deep caring for those they are called to serve. Every day, FCHUM strives to live up to their core values of fighting hunger, preventing homelessness, caring for the elderly, and stabilizing lives. Joyce Curry and John Lyons serve on the FCHUM Board of Directors as representatives of Saint Stephen Church.


Social Events & Activities: Jessica Cook

Jessica Cook leads our Social Events & Activities Team. This ministry exists for one purpose - to foster a deeper sense of community and fellowship in our parish community. This ministry is about bringing our community together to celebrate each other and God’s love for us. You can see the work of this ministry in the decorations of the church outside the nave and in the organization of social events at the church.


IT & Technology Ministry: Mark Styles / Anne & Rodney Miles

Technology is a resource that our church must use wisely to accomplish our mission. Technology allows us to foster a greater sense of community when proximity isn’t possible. It enables our members to enhance their discipleship experience at church. Mark Styles and Anne & Rodney Miles work hard to help us harness the wonderful benefits of technology that enable the mission of the church.


Facilities & Grounds: John Lyons / Michael Flatico

Under the leadership of John Lyons and Michael Flatico, the Facilities & Grounds Ministry provides for the upkeep and improvement of the church's facilities.  The ministry ensures that the church buildings and grounds are maintained and repaired as necessary. They perform routine maintenance and coordinate outside contractors.


Cleaning Ministry: Diana Flatico

The Cleaning Ministry is a very important area of service. The purpose of any ministry is to bring glory and honor to God. We want this building to be a blessing to all who worship here. Under the leadership of Diana Flatico, the Cleaning Ministry ensures that our church is clean, organized, and welcoming.


Children’s Liturgy: Anne Miles

Our Children’s Liturgy is an age-appropriate Liturgy of the Word offered for our children. No pre-registration is necessary. All children are welcome and encouraged to attend. Under the leadership of Anne Miles, the children learn from the same readings as the rest of the church. They are taught a simplified message from the readings and are encouraged to share that message with their families.


Acolyte Ministry: Deacon Clay Cook / Mark Styles

The Acolyte Ministry is comprised of those who have willing hearts and able hands. They lead the Processions during worship, assist at the table during the Eucharist, assist with the Offering, and other special worship functions. Under the direction of Deacon Clay Cook and with the leadership of Mark Styles, our Acolytes love serving God!

Those currently in rotation are: John Lyons, Kathy Caccamo, Mark Styles, and Rhonda Shoemaker.

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