June 9, 2018

Protect Our Children from the “Perfect Storm” this summer!!

Summer vacation means no school based free or subsidized breakfast and lunch for those who need it most! Continuing economic uncertainty means record numbers of families seeking emergency aid!

Let’s fill the Pantry to the rafters!
(Fern Creek/Highview United Ministries Individual & Family Assistance Center)

Yes! 62% of JCPS students receive reduced price breakfast and/or lunch (0 to 40¢) every day. In addition, those in elementary school receive a “backpack” every Friday afternoon with food for the weekend. But that is every day and every Friday afternoon DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR. During the summer those children have to rely on other sources like the Food Pantry at Fern Creek Highview United Ministries. Unfortunately the Pantry food inventory is at the lowest during the summer. During those times the amount of food a family receives is much less than the rest of the year. This summer we want to make sure every child served by the FCHUM Food Pantry has as much food as possible.

In the past year Fern Creek Highview United Ministries provided food for 3,700 families (over 16,000 individuals). We provided 800 children with back to school supplies, 280 families received Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets, and 841 children were blessed with Christmas gifts. Over the past several years we distributed nearly 5,000 books to children to help promote literacy. All of this is in addition to assistance with rent, utilities, clothing and medication. Please help us ensure these children have enough food this summer.

Any item is appreciated but we need high protein foods like peanut butter, canned pasta with meat, tuna, mac and cheese, and hearty soups are always good choices. Although all food is important and appreciated, green beans and corn are so popular we are asking you to consider other nutritious foods.

You can donate money too!! Each $1 counts for one can!!

We are asking the schools in our area to consider making this an end of the year service project. Perhaps a senior service project, honor society, sports teams, or an 8th grade class of 2018 project. Businesses and their employees can get involved as well. Summer should be a time of fun and frolic for kids. They should not have to worry about if they will have dinner tonight or breakfast in the morning. Please help us prevent “The Perfect Storm” this summer and feed the hungry children in our area. The child you help feed could be your next door neighbor!

For more information, please contact Renee Bryant at Fern Creek Highview United Ministries at
(502) 762-9611 or ifacdir@fchum.org

We will be happy to have our volunteers pick up your donations!