The first half of our Eucharist celebration is the Liturgy of the Word where we listen to readings from the Bible, followed by a sermon or homily where the priest may interpret and relate the readings to Christian life. However, we all recognize that both of these are generally aimed towards the majority of the congregation which is essentially adult. This proves to be of little interest to a young child who may become bored, making church a negative experience and causing them to be restless.

The Saint Stephen children’s liturgy is actually the Liturgy of the Word for children. During this time, we present the gospel of the day at a level the children can understand and enjoy. The presentation is enriched with discussion, prayers, songs and activities. We try to raise their awareness of God’s love, the humanity of Jesus, and the meaning of the Bible as applied to their young lives.

Our aim is to make the children’s experience of church more meaningful, while helping them to grow in the faith of the church and develop as full and active members of our parish community.