The study of the Bible is the central focus of our Sunday morning Adult Bible Study. Each Sunday morning at 9:30 AM, we gather to study the scriptures, to experience Christian fellowship, and to explore paths of Christian life and ministry.

When we meet, we do more than learn about the Bible. Our study is grounded in the strong belief that God’s eternal truths as recorded in scripture can dynamically interact with the persistent needs and dreams that are a part of each person’s life. We believe that the Bible can inform our thoughts, challenge our attitudes, and inspire us to action!

Saint Stephen Anglican Church is a community built on the life and ministry of Jesus. Our current study is A Journey Through the Gospel of John, presented by Dr. Brian Shoemaker. Dr. Shoemaker is a brilliant scholar and gifted teacher that will bring the written word to life as we come to know Jesus through the experience and writings of the beloved disciple. Please join us this coming Sunday morning.